The Survival Guide for Orthodontists


Are you an Orthodontist wondering how to grow your practice in this  fast-paced, competitive marketplace that seems to be changing every day? The Survival Guide for Orthodontists podcast is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Dr. Leon Klempner and Amy Epstein, co-founders of People & Practice, know the business of orthodontics. They bring you insights, tips and guest interviews focused on helping you thrive in a massively disrupted industry. Put more patients in chairs by competing on expertise and trust, not the lowest fees.

How to Listen

The podcast audio files are uploaded on monthly. You can listen here or subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast and Soundcloud to receive automatic notices when each new episode is available.


Episode 16 – Talking with Greg Pellegrom, CEO of SmileSnap

During this 30-minute podcast episode we speak with Greg Pellegrom, CEO of SmileSnap, a company that develops software for virtual dental consultations that integrates with your current workflow. We talk about how technology that promoted online, remote appointments provided a lifeline for offices and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic but also extends beyond this use to the future of orthodontic practices.

Episode 15 – Talking With Dr. Alfred Griffin III

During this podcast we speak with Dr. Alfred Griffin III, Founder and CEO of LightForce Orthodontics, a 3D printing, orthodontic insight and digital treatment company. Personalized healthcare is a trending topic in the medical industry and orthodontics is no exception. In this episode we touch on how to use LightForce to increase efficiency in treatment and customized care. LightForce is a technique more than a product and we discuss what makes it different.

Episode 14 – Talking With Amy Demas

We speak with Amy Demas, president of Communicate Excellence, about the importance of practice communication for your front office. In the new normal, best practices for communication are vital as your staff will be overburdened with new and current patients asking questions about scheduling appointments, navigating your practice’s changes to accommodate social distancing and safety, and transitioning from all virtual appointments.

Episode 13 – Talking With Joan Garbo

We speak with Jooan Garbo, a premier change agent for orthodontic practices. Over the past 30 years Joan has led over 2,000 seminars in effective communication and relationship skills, team-building, and customer service. She empowers dental teams in the areas of communication and leadership with her insightful and humorous presentations. Her high energy level and enthusiasm inspire people to action, giving them a renewed sense of purpose and the resources for motivation.

Episode 12 – Survival Strategies for Orthodontists During Coronavirus Crisis

Our podcast is a special one to address the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis and how it is affecting the orthodontic industry. Our industry relies on in-patient treatment to be effective – there is no getting around that. But we can help mitigate the impact it has on our patients as we practice safe social distancing and even temporarily close our offices. Part of that strategy includes telehealth technologies to help you continue to serve your current patients and even attract new ones.

In this podcast we talk about our strategies to help orthodontists get through this crisis and we speak with Dental Monitoring CEO & Founder Philippe Salah.

Episode 11 – Talking with Dr. Bill Layman

In this 30-minute episode we speak with Dr. Bill Layman about how to build an orthodontic practice that can capture the easy aligner cases and make them profitable through available in-house technology. Dr. Layman is a board certified orthodontist practicing in Clearwater, FL who advises practices on this very subject.

Direct to consumer aligner companies are spending $300MM annually on marketing directly to patients. As distasteful as that is to many orthodontists, they are creating a market – a desire among patients to get their teeth straightened. In this episode we discuss in detail about the printing technology to install in your practice and the cost factors involved to create a fully digital workflows that eliminates the need for impressions, reducing the reliance on outside aligner companies.

Episode 10 – Talking With Dr. David Sarver

We speak with Dr. David Sarver, an orthodontist with his own practice in Alabama, author of multiple books on the industry including a new release coming out February 2020, and a prolific speaker with over 400 engagements under his belt in the United States, Europe, Australia and the Middle and the Far East. He also played Division 1 basketball in college. Dr. Sarver talks to us about his unique take on building trust in a practice for both the young clinician and the established orthodontist.

Episode 9 – Talking with Landy Chase

We speak with Landy Chase, president and CEO Ortho Yes, an orthodontic business consultancy that specializes in training practices how to increase their start rates with effective and detailed procedures for all members of the office staff. He is also an author of five books on the subject, In this episode we speak with Landy about how your office can start more cases and improve overall conversion rates. The secret? It’s not improving the performance of your Treatment Coordinator but how the doctor communicates the value of treatment to prospective patients.

Episode 8 – Talking with Charlene White

We speak with Charlene White, owner of Progressive Concepts, an orthodontic practice management consultant with over 35 years of experience helping to improve practice performance. In this episode, Charlene gives us her advice on how she evaluates a practice and optimizes systems to improve efficiency and profitability.

Episode 7 – Talking with Mark van Weelde of DM

We speak with Mark van Weelde, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Dental Marketing (DM), a transformative medical technology company that allows patients and orthodontists to communicate remotely to closely monitor treatment. In this episode, we address the role DM can play in helping orthodontists compete with direct-to-consumer companies and how technology allows us to fill a gap in the marketplace providing the patient the convenience and speed they are looking for. We also address a concern of orthodontists that AI might detract from their role as a specialist.

Episode 6 – Talking With AAO Legal Team

In this episode we speak with Gianna Hartwig, State Affairs Coordinator, and Trey Lawrence, Associate General Counsel, from the American Association of Orthodontists legal team. During our discussion we tap into legal issues that are top of mind for many orthodontists and the AAO’s position on these matters as they battle the issues and provide support for orthodontists and the industry.

Episode 5 – Talking with Chris Bentson

We speak with Chris Bentson, a partner in Bentson Copple & Associates, a company that offers transition, valuation and training services for the orthodontic industry, and the editor-in-chief of Bentson Copple reSource, a quarterly newsletter focused on the business aspects of running a successful orthodontic practice. In this podcast we address with Chris how orthodontists can take the disruption in the industry and use it to their advantage by offering the same convenience patients are seeking at mail order alignment companies but with the added value of a one-on-one, full consultation by a qualified doctor. The secret is to embrace technology. We get into the nuts and bolts of what forces are affecting the industry and the tools available right now to help independent and small group practices beat the big box orthodontic companies.

Episode 4 – Talking with LeeAnn Peniche

We speak with LeeAnn Peniche about the techniques and efficiencies needed to run a modern orthodontic practice. Peniche is the founder and president of Peniche & Associates, a company that teaches orthodontists about the processes and marketing they need to excel in the business of orthodontics. In this episode we engage Peniche about her business philosophy and recommendations including topics like how to increase pure conversion numbers, assessing if a patient is open to virtual consultations, and the best way to implement limited treatment options into your practice.

Episode 3 – Talking with Dr Jonathan Nicozisis

In 2019, orthodontists are still graduating with an orthodontic degree having no knowledge on how to incorporate clear aligner technology in their treatment plan. Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis is a national speaker and educator who teaches about advanced techniques with Invisalign.

Episode 2 – Talking with Joe Hogan From Align Technology

Orthodontists have had a love/hate relationship with Align Technology for years. Dr. Leon Klempner and Amy Epstein invited Align’s President & CEO Joseph Hogan onto the show to have a frank discussion about where orthodontists specifically fit into Align’s business plan moving forward, past promises broken to orthodontists about marketing strategies for Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, and the future of orthodontics from a technology perspective.

Episode 1 – Introduction to The Survival Guide for Orthodontists

Are you an Orthodontist wondering how to grow your practice in this fast-paced, competitive marketplace that seems to be changing every day? Dr. Leon Klempner and Amy Epstein, co-founders of People & Practice, bring you insights, tips and guest interviews focused on helping you thrive in a massively disrupted industry. Put more patients in chairs by competing on expertise and trust, not the lowest fees.