Talking With Stephen Kaufman, Attorney

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In this episode:

During this 30-minute podcast episode we speak with Stephen Kaufman, head of the Wright, Constable & Skeen LLP healthcare law group. Steve discusses how orthodontists should approach new employment opportunities and negotiating contracts with employers. We also touch on the new legalities surrounding COVID-19 and take a question from a listener.

We also discuss:

  • Are non-competes enforceable and when to negotiate them
  • Legalities of communicating a COVID-19 infection in the office
  • The three biggest mistakes orthodontists make when negotiating employment contracts

About our guest:

Stephen Kaufman, a lawyer for over 35 years, advises orthodontists in various legal topics including employment/partnership contracts, disciplinary proceedings, buying, selling or starting a practice, and insurance and government investigations and litigation. He speaks nationally, regionally and locally on a variety of topics of interest to healthcare professionals, with audiences ranging in size from classrooms with 15 – 30 people to lecture halls with 300+ attendees. Steve is also the host of the Dental Call podcast, an entertaining and informative interview podcast with thought leaders in the business of dentistry.


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