Our Next Podcast Guest: Dental Monitoring’s Mark van Weelde

We speak with Mark van Weelde, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Dental Monitoring (DM), a transformative medical technology company that allows patients and orthodontists to communicate remotely to closely monitor treatment.

In this episode, we address the role DM can play in helping orthodontists compete with direct-to-consumer companies and how technology allows us to fill a gap in the marketplace providing the patient the convenience and speed they are looking for. We also address a concern of orthodontists that AI might detract from their role as a specialist.

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Our Next Podcast Guest: LeeAnn Peniche

We speak with LeeAnn Peniche about the techniques and efficiencies needed to run a modern orthodontic practice. Peniche is the founder and president of Peniche & Associates, a company that teaches orthodontists about the processes and marketing they need to excel in the business of orthodontics. In this episode we engage Peniche about her business philosophy and recommendations including topics like how to increase pure conversion numbers, assessing if a patient is open to virtual consultations, and the best way to implement limited treatment options into your practice.

In this episode we talk with LeeAnn Peniche about:

  • Addressing poor conversion rates and simplifying the process to get patients to yes
  • How patient demographics changes the way we communicate with them
  • Technological differentiators orthodontists have at their disposal to conduct more exams per day and increase patient acceptance
  • The benefits of advising patients on limited treatment for those who want a social six fix to get their “selfie smile” – as long as doctor takes full records and presents the options
  • LeeAnn Peniche’s tips for running a better practice

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Our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

Increase Engagement on Facebook Through Comments

Social media is a powerful way to amplify your message, reach potential patients who may not be aware of your practice, and get your current clients to promote your service to their network by engaging with your content.

You have noticed a new way Facebook has been portraying comments to posts on your page.

According to Facebook:

“To improve relevance and quality, we’ll start showing comments on public posts more prominently when:

  • The comments have interactions from the Page or person who originally posted; or
  • The comments or reactions are from friends of the person who posted.

We will continue to take other signals into account so we do not prominently show low-quality comments, even if they are from the person who made the original post or their friends.”

If you want to boost engagement of your posts, try to engage with commenters who will encourage discussion (like Top Commenters or Discussion Starters). According to socialmediatoday.com:

“So, if you want to try and engage with more comments on your Page posts – which you should because it will likely help to boost your post reach – you should look to reply to those that will encourage more discussion, and prompt other users to either like or reply.”

Bottom line is to engage within the comment section of your posts. Don’t just set it and forget it. You have to be actively involved and take notice of who is a top or more engaging commenter on your posts.

For a full article on this topic, click here.

Our Next Podcast Guest: Dr Jonathan Nicozisis

On our latest podcast episode, we speak with Dr Jonathan Nicozisis – a national lecturer and educator who teaches about advanced techniques with Invisalign – about the disruption of the industry by clear aligner technology and the direct-to-consumer business model. His philosophy aligns with our own that doctors need to embrace the change and make it work for them instead of fighting it.

Listen in on our wide-ranging and informative conversation with Dr. Nicozisis in this episode that includes discussions about:

  • How clear aligner treatment is not being taught in residency programs and what Dr. Nicozisis is doing to fix that with his Aligner Intensive Fellowship program
  • The impact of communication on a local level to differentiate the specialist from the general dentist in orthodontic treatment
  • Changing the narrative on offering limited treatment to patients by discussing and educating patients and offering all the options
  • Addressing consumers’ desire for convenience that is driving them to direct-to-consumer alternatives
  • For fun we also play Monday Morning Quarterback and ask Dr. Nicozisis what he would do differently in hindsight as a young orthodontists just out of school

Our new podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

Get More Out of Dental Monitoring

Changes to our specialty are all around us. Likewise, we have to change to ensure our practices continue to thrive.

Many of our clients have been evaluating Dental Monitoring, a mobile monitoring solution that allows doctors to control the position and shape of a patients’ teeth remotely and continuously. The system is designed to work with most treatment plans or post-treatment follow-ups, from regular brackets to lingual appliances or removable pre-planned aligners.

It’s a powerful piece of advanced technology.

But simply starting with a new piece of technology is only half the battle. Letting the right people know about it – and that you’re the first practice in your area to be providing it – is the other.

People & Practice has a comprehensive promotional program to highlight the benefits that come with a program like Dental Monitoring, including: fewer office visits, virtual appointments, faster treatment times, and texting with the doctor.

Your practice needs a marketing plan to communicate this to new patients who will value these benefits the most. Our goal is to take them from wherever they are online and bring them to your website to learn more and schedule an appointment, be it through a phone call, web form submission or sharing photos for a digital consult.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you roll out your new technologies, and promote your practice overall.

What We Learned at AAO This Year

We just returned from the AAO 2019 Annual Session in Los Angeles and we are excited to share what we have learned.

Yes, we were invited to give a lecture on practice marketing, but because this is the biggest orthodontic conference in the world, it was just as important for us to find out the latest and greatest so we can stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry. These changes are affecting the way we do business and challenging independent orthodontists’ abilities to adapt if they are to survive.

We thought it’d be helpful to share some of our observations regarding trends and technology, particularly for those who weren’t there. Here are a few things we learned:

  • Manufacturers are responding to increasing demand for clear aligners. That means more companies are out there providing more aligners than ever before. While we believe braces won’t ever go away for kids, for the teen and adult population it is only going to continue to grow. We cannot fight this. We need to buckle down and start focusing hard on getting the same result we’ve been able to get with brackets, but with plastic.
  • Disruption doesn’t mean extinction. Technology partners are launching innovations that will help orthodontists adjust to the direct-to-consumer disruption. Digital initial consultations and/or Artificial Intelligence-assisted remote treatment monitoring can reduce office visits, provide a more convenient experience, and foster better communication with patients. These are things that consumers are demanding and we can provide it for them.
  • Digital printing options are becoming easier and cheaper for the average practice. This exciting development gives lower volume practices a way to treat simple cases with less overhead, and less overload on your staff.

There is no doubt about it, the digital native demographic is becoming the decision-maker in matters of orthodontics. We need to prepare ourselves to utilize these innovations to differentiate our practices, provide a competitive edge, and moreover, give them what they are looking for.

Our expertise in digital marketing helps you communicate with the digital natives in your community so they understand that your practice best meets their needs. We ensure your practice is poised for success and has every tool you need to become the orthodontic practice of choice for a new generation.

If you’re interested in learning more about these trends and technologies, let us know. We’re making recommendations and then marketing them to the consumer on behalf of our clients.

Let’s talk about how that might work for your practice.

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Our new podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community

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Our Specialty is Under Attack

Smile Direct Club and Align will spend over $300,000,000 in advertising in 2019 targeting your future patients. Their message is simple – all orthodontics is the same. It does not matter whether you go to an orthodontist, general dentist or direct mail (DTC), the treatment will all be the same. Their message is that tooth straightening is a commodity and you will get the same result no matter where you get your aligners.

If you allow this message to penetrate your local community, the only deciding factors will be price and convenience. This is a losing proposition for your practice.

We believe consumers deserve to know that there is a difference between doctor supervised treatment and unsupervised do-it-yourself tooth movement.

If there is one thing that is at the foundation of everything People & Practice does as a marketing agency for our industry, it is our support and belief that your years of advanced training and expertise separates a mere technician from a professional.

If your practice is seeing a decline in new patient starts because they just don’t know the difference (and who might be paying the price later on) contact People & Practice today. We will explain how we educate prospective new patients who are ready to make a decision about orthodontics why your practice is the best choice, bringing patients back to your office and away from low cost, unmonitored alternatives.

Free Consultation at 2019 AAO Annual Session

Special offer for 2019 AAO Annual Session attendees. Get a FREE in-person Marketing analysis for your practice and learn how People & Practice can increase referrals and patient starts. Los Angeles, CA, May 3-6, 2019. To schedule an appointment call us at 888.866.DOCS or email us at leon@pplpractice.com.

Don’t miss our lecture: Make the Three Changes For Your Practice to Survive in This Disrupted Economy – Monday, May 6, 2019 at 9:10am

Read: You Are Your Own Worst Enemy – Thrive in the New Economy

An article by our very own Dr. Leon Klempner was featured in the latest issue of Bentson Copple reSource.

It’s not necessarily increased competition from corporate dentistry, online direct-to-consumer orthodontics, or even the economy that prevents most orthodontic practices from thriving.

Dr. Klempner discusses the person who is preventing your practice from thriving is most likely staring at you in the mirror every morning.

Download a PDF of the article here.