Our Latest Podcast Guest: Gianna Hartwig & Trey Lawrence, AAO Legal Team

In Episode 6 of our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists, we speak with Gianna Hartwig, State Affairs Coordinator, and Trey Lawrence, Associate General Counsel, from the American Association of Orthodontists legal team. During our discussion we tap into legal issues that are top of mind for many orthodontists and the AAO’s position on these matters as they battle the issues and provide support for orthodontists and the industry.

In this episode we address:

  • Legal ramifications for orthodontists of speaking out about direct-to-consumer orthodontics and how and when it’s appropriate
  • AAO’s legal support fund that provides grants to support state legal issues if they arise
  • Implications and outcomes of two court cases in Ohio and Texas that challenged specialty advertising rules in dentistry
  • The AAO’s position on teledentistry and the AAO list of parameters to protect patient health and safety while allowing practitioners to explore this technology

Do not miss this in-depth discussion of these important issues and the very informative advice that the AAO legal team offers.


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Our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

5 content marketing ideas for your orthodontic practice

Developing engaging and informative content for your social media posts and blogs can be tough but it’s a great way to show your office is the go-to expert in your region, and that your practice is a fun place to get braces. Below we outline five ideas to get your content kick-started.

Top Five Questions About Invisalign for Adult Treatment

You probably get a lot of questions from adult patients about Invisalign. Use this content to answer the most common questions you get about the clear aligners from patients who are considering the treatment for themselves. We have also developed similar content answering the most asked questions about clear aligners for children.

How is Invisalign like Harry Potter’s magic?

Fun post for the tween and teen crowd. Sometimes science is so advanced that it becomes almost indistinguishable from wizardry. Invisalign is powered by the kind of tech that can be considered magical. Get ready patients ready to step into the fantastic world of Invisalign!

Why you should only see an orthodontist

People ask, “why can’t I just order clear aligners online and do it myself?” In this post we reviewed the reasons why an orthodontist is the professional you need to see when choosing any orthodontic treatment, and the potential pitfalls of DIY.

Role of Orthodontist in Sleep Apnea

This is an example of a great educational article that positions you as an expert. There are many studies on the role of orthodontics in the treatment of sleep apnea. Educate your potential patients about how orthodontics is suited for treatment due to their expertise and knowledge. Provide an outlook to the essential role of orthodontists in the treatment of this serious disease.

Use of technology and how it helps patients

Do you have technology such as Dental Monitoring or Rhinogram integrated into your practice? Create an article that describes the benefits of these high tech applications and how they help your office make the process of getting both traditional braces and clear aligners faster and more convenient.

Want to learn more? Contact People & Practice today for a free marketing consultation and find out how we use a combination of marketing strategies to position your practice as the authority in orthodontics in your region to attract and convert more patients.

Our Next Podcast Guest: Chris Bentson

We speak with Chris Bentson, a partner in Bentson Copple & Associates, a company that offers transition, valuation and training services for the orthodontic industry, and the editor-in-chief of Bentson Copple reSource, a quarterly newsletter focused on the business aspects of running a successful orthodontic practice. In this podcast we address with Chris how orthodontists can take the disruption in the industry and use it to their advantage by offering the same convenience patients are seeking at mail order alignment companies but with the added value of a one-on-one, full consultation by a qualified doctor. The secret is to embrace technology. We get into the nuts and bolts of what forces are affecting the industry and the tools available right now to help independent and small group practices beat the big box orthodontic companies.

In this episode we talk with Chris Bentson about:

  • How has disruption by Smile Direct Club and Invisalign affected small independent practices
  • The future of orthodontics is bright for the practice that adopts teledentistry technology
  • Address the growth of corporate dentistry and consolidation of practices

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Our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

WEBINAR: Adapting Your Orthodontic Practice to the Age of Consumerism

Join Dr. Leon Klempner, retired Orthodontist and CEO of People & Practice, as he walks through how your practice can compete during this new age of consumerism where convenience rules. Learn the best strategies to grow your business through digital marketing and virtual consults.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• How to modernize your practice without compromising your principles

• How to grow your practice while continuing to serve your current patients with the highest quality of care

• Dr. K’s 10 easy steps you can do to improve your practice today

• Why educating your community is important

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We will be speaking at the 2019 MKS Forum.
Topic: 10 Things You Need to Change in Your Practice on Monday Morning 

OCTOBER 25-26, 2019 | DALLAS, TX

Leon Klempner, DDS, is a co-founder of People & Practice,a digital marketing consultancy exclusively for doctors. He understands orthodontics because he’s been there, with over 40 years of private orthodontic practice experience. People & Practice builds trust in your practice online to help you get new patients in a digital era by convincing them (before even meeting you) that you’re the practice to choose.
In this webinar, you will learn:

During my lectures, you will learn:

  • Changes you need to make to your practice to thrive in the new economy
  • Tips to leverage digital marketing
  • Make trust and expertise the difference in bringing new patients to your office

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Increase Engagement on Facebook Through Comments

Social media is a powerful way to amplify your message, reach potential patients who may not be aware of your practice, and get your current clients to promote your service to their network by engaging with your content.

You have noticed a new way Facebook has been portraying comments to posts on your page.

According to Facebook:

“To improve relevance and quality, we’ll start showing comments on public posts more prominently when:

  • The comments have interactions from the Page or person who originally posted; or
  • The comments or reactions are from friends of the person who posted.

We will continue to take other signals into account so we do not prominently show low-quality comments, even if they are from the person who made the original post or their friends.”

If you want to boost engagement of your posts, try to engage with commenters who will encourage discussion (like Top Commenters or Discussion Starters). According to socialmediatoday.com:

“So, if you want to try and engage with more comments on your Page posts – which you should because it will likely help to boost your post reach – you should look to reply to those that will encourage more discussion, and prompt other users to either like or reply.”

Bottom line is to engage within the comment section of your posts. Don’t just set it and forget it. You have to be actively involved and take notice of who is a top or more engaging commenter on your posts.

For a full article on this topic, click here.

Don’t Miss Our Lecture at the 2019 AAO Annual Session

We will be speaking at the 2019 AAO Annual Session.
Topic: Make the 3 Changes For Your Practice To Thrive In This New Disrupted Economy.

Details for our session:
Monday, May 6, 2019
Time: 9:10am – 10:10am
Room: LACC Petree C – Level 1

Description: Here’s the hard truth: It’s not necessarily increased competition from corporate dentistry, online direct-to-consumer orthodontics or even the economy that prevents most practices from thriving. It’s our own inability to make needed adjustments to the way we do business that hurts us the most. The person who is holding you back is most likely staring at you in the mirror every morning. Join this talk to learn the perfect formula for running a successful practice today.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the changes necessary to thrive in the new economy.
  • Evaluate your digital marketing strategies.
  • Differentiate your practice based on trust and expertise.

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Don’t Miss Dr. Leon Klempner at Dental Monitoring Symposium

Our own Dr. Leon Klempner will be speaking at the Dental Monitoring Symposium.

Marketing Dental Monitoring to Combat the Competition
Make the 3 Changes For Your Practice To Thrive In This New Disrupted Economy

Dental Monitoring Symposium
Las Vegas, NV
Friday, Mar 22, 2019
1:30 PM

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