What’s in the Future for Orthodontics?

Hard to believe that 2019 is almost in the books.That time of year is upon us again where we reflect and make resolutions to improve ourselves both personally and professionally.

Maybe it’s finally getting started on your exercise program. Or you’re thinking about how you can make changes in your practice to not only survive another year but make this the year you thrive.

The best way to do that is to ask yourself some very hard questions:

  • Have you really taken the steps you need to improve efficiencies in your practice?
  • Have you made essential changes that will help you dramatically increase your conversion rate?
  • How will you replace dwindling referral sources with direct-to-market strategies to keep new patient flow coming to your office?

At People & Practice, we believe that the golden age of orthodontics is still ahead of us. New technologies are creating opportunities for orthodontists to become faster, more efficient, and deliver patients the convenience they crave in treatment.

We help prepare orthodontists for the future by creating marketing that leads to increased new patient flow and then help you convert those potential patients at a higher rate all while tracking performance and success.

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Our Next Podcast Guest: Charlene White

We speak with Charlene White, owner of Progressive Concepts, an orthodontic practice management consultant with over 35 years of experience helping to improve practice performance. In this episode, Charlene gives us her advice on how she evaluates a practice and optimizes systems to improve efficiency and profitability.

Topics covered include:

  • Some examples of the KPIs Charlene looks for when evaluating a practice’s performance and how they can be improved
  • Importance of pivoting a practice from depending on referral flow to direct-to-market strategies
  • Tips to for a healthy recall system
  • Building a peak performance team
  • The most important thing to help you dramatically increase patient starts

About Our Guest:

Charlene White is an Orthodontic Consultant with over 35 years of experience in the orthodontic practice management field. Her company, Progressive Concepts, Inc., specializes in orthodontic consulting services, practice management workshops, group seminars, and training products. Charlene offers both in-office consultations and off-site management services. There is no better return on investment for an orthodontic practice than a consultation with Charlene White. Production and profits increase all while teamwork and stress improve, immensely.

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Orthodontists: Don’t pour new patients into a leaky bucket

We spend a lot of time talking about how to increase patient flow to replace dwindling referral sources. A solid direct-to-market program that encompasses social media, targeted online advertising, and reputation management (Google reviews) can all work together to influence qualified patients to pick up the phone or email you to schedule a consultation. This is only half the battle. 

The other challenge is to convert potential patients into paying customers. It’s no use filling a bucket with patients if it’s full of holes. Below are five proven strategies we put to use after analyzing the stats of hundreds of client practices across the country.

Talk fees on the first visit

Many orthodontists were taught that they don’t speak to patients about finances on the first visit. Those days are over. People have less time (and patience). They want all the facts so they can make decisions quickly. On more involved cases it will still be necessary to take more time before planning out treatment and costs but for the routine case it’s more advantageous to do it all in one visit. Patients will appreciate the convenience and speed in which you work.

Lower you initial fee

Some orthodontists are still charging and initial fee of upwards of $1,800. This doesn’t fly anymore. Patients are stretched thin. You have to lower the barrier to entry, We found the sweet spot is a $500 down payment to help patients commit to treatment.

Make monthly payments affordable

Historically, patient delinquency rates in the orthodontic industry are low, around 3%. This means you can stretch the monthly payment beyond the planned treatment time by 6 to 8 months to make their monthly payments more affordable, which should be around $150 per month.

Accept insurance payments directly

An easy way to make braces more affordable for patients is to find out their insurance benefits before the initial consultation and then accept payment directly from the insurance company as a partial payment. Asking families to deal with insurance reimbursements for treatment runs counter to how most doctor’s offices run their business today. This will go a long way to making the decision easier for patients to start treatment at your practice.

Lighten up

Make you office a fun place to be. Offer extras for parents and younger siblings while they wait like a fun zone and free coffee (for the parents not the young siblings!) Make it a place that kids want to come back to. This will also help retain recall patients. Remember people will not remember what you told them but they will remember how you made them feel.

If you want to know more about how to supercharge your marketing and increase patient starts for your practice, contact People & Practice today for a free marketing analysis, at 888.866.DOCS, or by email at hello@pplpractice.com.

Our Next Podcast Guest: Dental Monitoring’s Mark van Weelde

We speak with Mark van Weelde, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Dental Monitoring (DM), a transformative medical technology company that allows patients and orthodontists to communicate remotely to closely monitor treatment.

In this episode, we address the role DM can play in helping orthodontists compete with direct-to-consumer companies and how technology allows us to fill a gap in the marketplace providing the patient the convenience and speed they are looking for. We also address a concern of orthodontists that AI might detract from their role as a specialist.

Do not miss this in-depth discussion of these important issues.

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Our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

Our Latest Podcast Guest: Gianna Hartwig & Trey Lawrence, AAO Legal Team

In Episode 6 of our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists, we speak with Gianna Hartwig, State Affairs Coordinator, and Trey Lawrence, Associate General Counsel, from the American Association of Orthodontists legal team. During our discussion we tap into legal issues that are top of mind for many orthodontists and the AAO’s position on these matters as they battle the issues and provide support for orthodontists and the industry.

In this episode we address:

  • Legal ramifications for orthodontists of speaking out about direct-to-consumer orthodontics and how and when it’s appropriate
  • AAO’s legal support fund that provides grants to support state legal issues if they arise
  • Implications and outcomes of two court cases in Ohio and Texas that challenged specialty advertising rules in dentistry
  • The AAO’s position on teledentistry and the AAO list of parameters to protect patient health and safety while allowing practitioners to explore this technology

Do not miss this in-depth discussion of these important issues and the very informative advice that the AAO legal team offers.


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Our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

5 content marketing ideas for your orthodontic practice

Developing engaging and informative content for your social media posts and blogs can be tough but it’s a great way to show your office is the go-to expert in your region, and that your practice is a fun place to get braces. Below we outline five ideas to get your content kick-started.

Top Five Questions About Invisalign for Adult Treatment

You probably get a lot of questions from adult patients about Invisalign. Use this content to answer the most common questions you get about the clear aligners from patients who are considering the treatment for themselves. We have also developed similar content answering the most asked questions about clear aligners for children.

How is Invisalign like Harry Potter’s magic?

Fun post for the tween and teen crowd. Sometimes science is so advanced that it becomes almost indistinguishable from wizardry. Invisalign is powered by the kind of tech that can be considered magical. Get ready patients ready to step into the fantastic world of Invisalign!

Why you should only see an orthodontist

People ask, “why can’t I just order clear aligners online and do it myself?” In this post we reviewed the reasons why an orthodontist is the professional you need to see when choosing any orthodontic treatment, and the potential pitfalls of DIY.

Role of Orthodontist in Sleep Apnea

This is an example of a great educational article that positions you as an expert. There are many studies on the role of orthodontics in the treatment of sleep apnea. Educate your potential patients about how orthodontics is suited for treatment due to their expertise and knowledge. Provide an outlook to the essential role of orthodontists in the treatment of this serious disease.

Use of technology and how it helps patients

Do you have technology such as Dental Monitoring or Rhinogram integrated into your practice? Create an article that describes the benefits of these high tech applications and how they help your office make the process of getting both traditional braces and clear aligners faster and more convenient.

Want to learn more? Contact People & Practice today for a free marketing consultation and find out how we use a combination of marketing strategies to position your practice as the authority in orthodontics in your region to attract and convert more patients.

Our Next Podcast Guest: Chris Bentson

We speak with Chris Bentson, a partner in Bentson Copple & Associates, a company that offers transition, valuation and training services for the orthodontic industry, and the editor-in-chief of Bentson Copple reSource, a quarterly newsletter focused on the business aspects of running a successful orthodontic practice. In this podcast we address with Chris how orthodontists can take the disruption in the industry and use it to their advantage by offering the same convenience patients are seeking at mail order alignment companies but with the added value of a one-on-one, full consultation by a qualified doctor. The secret is to embrace technology. We get into the nuts and bolts of what forces are affecting the industry and the tools available right now to help independent and small group practices beat the big box orthodontic companies.

In this episode we talk with Chris Bentson about:

  • How has disruption by Smile Direct Club and Invisalign affected small independent practices
  • The future of orthodontics is bright for the practice that adopts teledentistry technology
  • Address the growth of corporate dentistry and consolidation of practices

Listen to the clip below and then click here to subscribe to the podcast! Episode 5 will be released on September 10, 2019.

Our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

WEBINAR: Adapting Your Orthodontic Practice to the Age of Consumerism

Join Dr. Leon Klempner, retired Orthodontist and CEO of People & Practice, as he walks through how your practice can compete during this new age of consumerism where convenience rules. Learn the best strategies to grow your business through digital marketing and virtual consults.

In this webinar, you will learn:

• How to modernize your practice without compromising your principles

• How to grow your practice while continuing to serve your current patients with the highest quality of care

• Dr. K’s 10 easy steps you can do to improve your practice today

• Why educating your community is important

Watch the video of our webinar below and then contact us for a free marketing consultation.

Our Next Podcast Guest: LeeAnn Peniche

We speak with LeeAnn Peniche about the techniques and efficiencies needed to run a modern orthodontic practice. Peniche is the founder and president of Peniche & Associates, a company that teaches orthodontists about the processes and marketing they need to excel in the business of orthodontics. In this episode we engage Peniche about her business philosophy and recommendations including topics like how to increase pure conversion numbers, assessing if a patient is open to virtual consultations, and the best way to implement limited treatment options into your practice.

In this episode we talk with LeeAnn Peniche about:

  • Addressing poor conversion rates and simplifying the process to get patients to yes
  • How patient demographics changes the way we communicate with them
  • Technological differentiators orthodontists have at their disposal to conduct more exams per day and increase patient acceptance
  • The benefits of advising patients on limited treatment for those who want a social six fix to get their “selfie smile” – as long as doctor takes full records and presents the options
  • LeeAnn Peniche’s tips for running a better practice

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Our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists is dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. Click here to subscribe to the podcast, and listen to the latest episode. Subscribe today!

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We will be speaking at the 2019 MKS Forum.
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OCTOBER 25-26, 2019 | DALLAS, TX

Leon Klempner, DDS, is a co-founder of People & Practice,a digital marketing consultancy exclusively for doctors. He understands orthodontics because he’s been there, with over 40 years of private orthodontic practice experience. People & Practice builds trust in your practice online to help you get new patients in a digital era by convincing them (before even meeting you) that you’re the practice to choose.
In this webinar, you will learn:

During my lectures, you will learn:

  • Changes you need to make to your practice to thrive in the new economy
  • Tips to leverage digital marketing
  • Make trust and expertise the difference in bringing new patients to your office

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