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Our Latest Podcast Guest: Gianna Hartwig & Trey Lawrence, AAO Legal Team

In Episode 6 of our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists, we speak with Gianna Hartwig, State Affairs Coordinator, and Trey Lawrence, Associate General Counsel, from the American Association of Orthodontists legal team. During our discussion we tap into legal issues that are top of mind for many orthodontists and the AAO’s position on these […]

5 content marketing ideas for your orthodontic practice

Developing engaging and informative content for your social media posts and blogs can be tough but it’s a great way to show your office is the go-to expert in your region, and that your practice is a fun place to get braces. Below we outline five ideas to get your content kick-started. Top Five Questions […]

Our Next Podcast Guest: Chris Bentson

We speak with Chris Bentson, a partner in Bentson Copple & Associates, a company that offers transition, valuation and training services for the orthodontic industry, and the editor-in-chief of Bentson Copple reSource, a quarterly newsletter focused on the business aspects of running a successful orthodontic practice. In this podcast we address with Chris how orthodontists […]

WEBINAR: Adapting Your Orthodontic Practice to the Age of Consumerism

Join Dr. Leon Klempner, retired Orthodontist and CEO of People & Practice, as he walks through how your practice can compete during this new age of consumerism where convenience rules. Learn the best strategies to grow your business through digital marketing and virtual consults. In this webinar, you will learn: • How to modernize your […]

Our Next Podcast Guest: LeeAnn Peniche

We speak with LeeAnn Peniche about the techniques and efficiencies needed to run a modern orthodontic practice. Peniche is the founder and president of Peniche & Associates, a company that teaches orthodontists about the processes and marketing they need to excel in the business of orthodontics. In this episode we engage Peniche about her business […]

Don’t Miss Our Lecture at the MKS Forum 2019

We will be speaking at the 2019 MKS Forum.Topic: 10 Things You Need to Change in Your Practice on Monday Morning  OCTOBER 25-26, 2019 | DALLAS, TX Leon Klempner, DDS, is a co-founder of People & Practice,a digital marketing consultancy exclusively for doctors. He understands orthodontics because he’s been there, with over 40 years of […]

Increase Engagement on Facebook Through Comments

Social media is a powerful way to amplify your message, reach potential patients who may not be aware of your practice, and get your current clients to promote your service to their network by engaging with your content. You have noticed a new way Facebook has been portraying comments to posts on your page. According […]

Our Next Podcast Guest: Dr Jonathan Nicozisis

On our latest podcast episode, we speak with Dr Jonathan Nicozisis – a national lecturer and educator who teaches about advanced techniques with Invisalign – about the disruption of the industry by clear aligner technology and the direct-to-consumer business model. His philosophy aligns with our own that doctors need to embrace the change and make […]

Download AAO Webinar: A Low Fee Model is Not Your Only Option

Download the slides from our recent AAO webinar, “A Low Fee Model is Not Your Only Option.” In this webinar, People & Practice’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Leon Klempner spoke about how to grow a high quality orthodontic practice using digital marketing. CLICK HERE to download the presentation now. With downward pressure on fees, many orthodontists […]