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Don’t Miss Dr. Leon Klempner at Dental Monitoring Symposium

Our own Dr. Leon Klempner will be speaking at the Dental Monitoring Symposium. Marketing Dental Monitoring to Combat the CompetitionMake the 3 Changes For Your Practice To Thrive In This New Disrupted Economy Dental Monitoring Symposium Las Vegas, NV Friday, Mar 22, 2019 1:30 PM Click here for the full program and more info.

Don’t Miss Dr. Leon Klempner at Dolphin User Meeting

Our own Dr. Leon Klempner will be speaking at the Dolphin User Meeting on Saturday Mar 2nd. The session is from 9:45 AM – 11:00 AM. If you will be in Phoenix for this great event try to catch the lecture. Dr. Klempner will be presenting actionable takeaways on how you can help your practice […]

Read: You Are Your Own Worst Enemy – Thrive in the New Economy

An article by our very own Dr. Leon Klempner was featured in the latest issue of Bentson Copple reSource. It’s not necessarily increased competition from corporate dentistry, online direct-to-consumer orthodontics, or even the economy that prevents most orthodontic practices from thriving. Dr. Klempner discusses the person who is preventing your practice from thriving is most […]

Want More People Calling Your Practice? Clone Your Patients!

We can all agree that there’s nothing better than our existing patients. While they’re in our chairs, they’re a captive audience to our bad jokes and our great service. If we’ve done our jobs right, people leave the office with a healthy smile and a healthy appreciation for our practice. We already know that everything […]

Who Are Nanoinflouencers & Why Your Practice Needs Them!

When you put a name to a trend it can suddenly go viral. Take the concept of the Nanoinfluencer, for example. A recent New York Times article talked about the latest marketing scheme that companies have become queued into. Incentivizing everyday people with high engagement on social media to help reach their network of friends […]

Happy New Year!

We are smack dab in the middle of the holidays. You probably have a hundred things to think about and, hopefully, a hundred reasons to be joyous. Here at People & Practice we’re celebrating as well. Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of practices become more digital savvy, […]

Video Killed The Radio Star… Or Did It?

MTV famously launched, almost 40 years ago, tongue firmly in cheek by choosing “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles for their first video. As it turned out, MTV did not kill radio but it did significantly disrupt the music industry. It put rock stars into people’s living rooms like never before. Twenty-four hours […]

Let’s Talk Turkey About Your Practice!

Do you have a mature practice but find that all your former referral sources are dying off, literally and figuratively? You have the latest equipment like a CBCT X-ray, iTero display, and you offer Invisalign but people still aren’t beating down your door for consultations. Other than that, things are great! “How can I bring […]